Feeling blue

Feeling blue

Reblog if you think your voice is unattractive.

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So this is the lateist ink iv had done I love it bit ganna add more colour

So was driving through town today and I noticed that cuz the sun was out alot of people forgot how to drive to the speed limit I mean in a 30 zone you do 30 not 15 and then couldent even turn the steering wheel it was an old persob too and yet us yongue drivers get call the bad drivers relly grinds my gears whats everyone else opinion on this

Thoughts about tattoos

So i have 54 tattoos and i am judge every where i go on how i look just because someone chooses to have many tattoos and likes to stand out on not be a sheep dose not mean they have been in prison or take Drugs or anything like that its just being who they are. You should always think and maybe chat to that person ask about the tattoos don’t be scared  a lot of tattooed people have meanings behind their tattoos  they could be the nicest person you ever meet so i say think before you judge..